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Hi everybody

i’m new to this forum. I’ve been reading it for a while as outsider but finally decided to subscribe and gladly become a member.
I’ve noticed that the images of the forum are no longer available. For example: in the Interactive Brokers for dummes topic (in the Investing / Brokers section), in the comment 59/112 when i click image link it says “the image could not be loaded”. Is it because i’m a newcomer or it’s just like this for everybody?
thanks in advance for your kind feedback
my compliments for this forum and this blog to MP !


That’s actually a good question. Even as an admin I run into the same issue as you do, i.e I do not see those pictures anymore, and it seems that no admin action allows for restoring them.

@_MP: would you be aware of any solution for this issue?


I actually wrote a PM to @_MP a few days ago with a link to a Discourse forum regarding that issue. MP has been fighting with it, but as of yet, to no effect.

The problem basically is, that some pictures get falsely marked for deletion as no longer used. It would help MP, if you could point to some other posts where the pictures are missing. It could help with the recovery.


Hi there,

The “good” news is that we aren’t alone in this and many other forums are affected.
I’m in touch with the Discourse core team and hope to get this solved ASAP.
Will repost here as soon as I got something new.


Hey there,

Good news, all images are now recovered!
Please let me know if you see any missing but normally we’re all good for now!

Thanks again to @Bojack for the initial alert :slight_smile:


Hi MP,

thank you very much for solving this!
best regards


Hi Bojack

thank you for solving this!
best regards,


Hi @fran2406, just a note: keep sending this “thanks”, it means a lot to me and help to keep the motivation high to help serve this community :slight_smile:


@_MP :+1:t2::+1:t2:
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