I'm a long term Mustachian but i didn't know since now (introduce myself)

Hi Mustachians,
Let me introduce myself,
I’m a 43 italian, expat in Switzerland 7y ago with my wife and 2 cats with C permits.
We both have income and are frugal, nonetheless we like travel, good food and some hobbies (frugal I swear).
Soon here we starting 3a pillar, and choose cheap insurance removing extra options, no car, GA and bikes, Lycamobile. Postfinance conto is our choice since beginning.
So basically we are Mustachians and we didn’t know since now :smile:

After some years of savings, in a saving conto with no interest, I’ve started looking around about boring, I mean long term investments and so I got into this wonderland forum and blog.

I’m now looking for opening a degiro account and learn a lot in the next months.

And if you are getting at this point thank you for reading my long introduction.
Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice avatar, bu the way! :wink:
Is that purple tentacle from Day of the Tentacle Lucasfilm graphic adventure? We are nearly the same age (1976 for me), so maybe…


Yes It is :smile:

Day of the tentacle.

Now you have to install scummvm and play it again


Last time I dit this was last year and I started playing (again) Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis with my 12 yo son… :wink:


Oh I remember that one, a nice one indeed.

Last year I played monkey Island 2

Another one I loved is “full throttle” and “the dig” (or a similar)


I started with Maniac Mansion and Zak Mckracken on C64 in 1987-88 ! :sunglasses:


Wow that one brings back memories. Used to play it much later tho. iirc on my Pentium 1 with 133 Mhz.


Wasn’t that the one with the calculation error? :smiley:

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Don’t remember I was like 8 or 9 years old.

I’m an lucasfilm adventure game fan – ScummVM is a must have on every good computer :wink:


Wait, you’re my age, Italian like me, expat 7y ago like me (well, almost 8), your avatar is probably from the first game I fell in love… Ah ok, I don’t have cats :smiley:

Welcome to the blog “paisano”!
(I hate that word, but many here think that we use it frequently)


No, it was only in the earliest models - 60 and 66 MHz. It was fixed later on :slight_smile:

Sam & Max anyone?


Yeah, I played it. Very good memories having finished it a few times I can remember it was almost too easy/short but real fun to play. I was a big fan of most of the Lucas games, except their Tie figther stuff.

Of course! But i played in Italian
Well i guess I have to play it one more time :smile:

For all your “scummers”, you might like this game: