Ik.me infomaniak email platform and docs

Has anyone been using infomaniak’s platform a bit? I registered a while ago and apart for some small issues (I’m picky. it’s my job) I like it. It has 20Gb for email and photos and 3Gb for random files. All for free. You need to register with a swiss phone number. You can also use it to send SMS (don’t ask why.it’s weird).

I was thinking to use its spreadsheets just to try to go away from google strangle in case they decide to lock me out.

I created one a few months ago but didn’t use it for now. However, I am really satisfied about their cloud solution as I use it everyday and it runs smoothly.

I’ve only used their “Swiss Backup” product, see fondue.blog | How to setup QNAP Cloud Backup using Infomaniak Swiss Backup
I’ve also recently started thinking what would happen if my personal Gmail accounts get locked and started doing backups of my passwords in the password manager and google drive stuff to my NAS.

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Why ? Any recent news from google I should be aware of ?

I don’t think it will ever happen…your data is too precious for them :smiley:

No news from google

double lol.
you are a tiiiiiny number on their list. If an algo decides that you did something wrong, you are out.
What if you use Privacy Badger and they don’t like it anymore?

There were some recent account lock-outs which made news, that got me concerned:


Wow thanks for this information.
I started using a own domain with mail forwarding to gmail some time ago and will start migrating important accounts to this emails.
I’ve always been able to get support in a matter of minutes with my provider.
It also has the advantage that you can use separate email addresses for different accounts like mustachianpost@mydomain.com.

google is digging their own grave. Too much AI and greediness imho. They could spend some of those billions in a big team of support persons.
Also they are a developer-centric company (or maybe now mutated a bit in a mix mba-dev company). Devs absolutely do not understand that systems can’t be perfect 100% of the time.

I always feel like the business doesn’t understand that systems can’t be 100% perfect and that even 99% more often than not doesn’t justify the costs.

We need more “customer support” oriented companies.

I should write a book about my system.

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