Ibonds etf. what is that (not I bonds)

I just got a link from JustEtf about some new etfs from iShares

Note that they are not I Bonds, it’s a new type of etfs.

Does anyone uses them? Is it finally an easy way to have bond-like ETFs?

it’s basically a kind of synthetic bond which tries to emulate aspects of a bond such as a maturity date, while being easy to trade by being an ETF.

i used to hold them to achieve specific maturity dates but have since sold them.

But if you buy a bond, you know the price and the dividend, while this thing here doesn’t say anything.
I might buy 1 for 10chf until 2028 but I don’t know if I get back my 10chf in 2028 and how much dividend every year.
BOXX seems to be clearer, at least for the dividends.

I might have to go back to square 1 and understand bonds better, since every time I check for example swissquote (baaad UI) I don’t get it as well.

capital return is known. dividends are a little uncertain.

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I didn’t find it here or in its KIID.

Just go directly to their website: https://www.ishares.com/us/strategies/bond-etfs/build-better-bond-ladders

and you can click on specific ones e.g. https://www.ishares.com/us/products/312454/ishares-ibonds-dec-2025-term-treasury-etf

I expected a “value at maturity” or something similar. I didn’t find anything. I’m going to read it again

It’s a great idea but I hope they will add many more EUR ETFs just like they did for USD.

For the USD market it’s complete and one can build a bond ladder with the current offering, but for the EUR market, it needs many more ETFs than 4 (all combinations of government, corporate, accumulating, distributing, and for each of the next 10 years), for making bond ladders possible.

Still not clear. The only thing I’ve found is that if you invest 10000 at the beginning, you will get 10000 at the end. :confused:

Portfolio characteristic, then you have average yield to maturity. There’s even a calculator at Estimated Net Acquisition Yield Calculator

I did see that, thanks. I though it wasn’t the right number since it’s a percentage and it’s estimated. It’s not a sure value as I was expecting.

I tried the calculator and then quickly gave up because I was using the wrong way :slight_smile:
If I use the example above from PhilMoongose "

If I get it correctly, if I pay 24 (they actually cost 23,21usd) and I hold until the end (dec 25), I should earn 2.3usd plus somehow my 24usd. So I suppose 24+2.3 divided in distribution + final price.

It’s Casino, there are no sure values. Pretty good estimate assuming nothing defaults until maturity.

ENA is

The Estimated Net Acquisition Yield is an annualized number

So you can expect 2.23% per year. Since it’s 1.31 year a bit more than that. And also more because you’re going to pay 23.22 not 24.

Also in last year before maturity, so in couple months it will start selling bonds and roll into treasuries I assume so probably you’re better of with 2026 or longer series, cause it’s going to start turning into treasury etf very soon

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