IBKR's website is... very buggy. I don't trust them with my money. Is Schwab a good alternative?

Yahoo Finance is real time with US markets. I have traders in my company even joking that Yahoo Finance is more “live” that some of their price feeds.


I created an account with IB a few days ago and I am trying to set it up.
Can you please advise with the 3 questions I have so far:

1 I login via the app on my tablet and I noticed the Fund Transfer option used to be in-app, now it loads the client Portal page in-app. It doesn’t even go to fund transfer on the client portal but rather to the homepage. Anyone else have a similar experience?

2 Furthermore, when the Client Portal loads (in app), all the tiles say "Login with trade permissions to see Tile Name like “Watchlist” " . Again… strange as my app says I am logged in Trading Mode as opposed to Read Only. Any suggestions?

3 I tried to enable Forex CFD. ( thinking it’s the regular Forex)
However, during the process I realized I don’t need it and tried to decline the agreement but it always displayed an error if I try to decline and blocked other functionality: the agreement kept popping up and it did not allow me to decline -> error, so made me go in circles
Now when I go to transfer funds (via app) I have 2 accounts and I must choose which one to fund: an open account ID U******* and a pending account U*******F. they have the same number but one has the F suffix.
Any idea how I can close the one ending in F? or what it means? Are the any implications or costs associated with that F account ?


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