IBKR new Desktop Client

Finally a new desktop application for IBKR

Anyone tried already?

Why finally? Do you not like the old-fashioned TWS? :smile:

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No, as there is no Linux version yet.


Why would one need a desktop client when there’s already the website, plus several mobile apps? Except for the fun of discovering yet another confusing interface.


The website interface is a pile of cack.

The mobile app is quite quick and useful but doesn’t have anywhere near the full feature set of TWS.

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I am also using the TWS to trade.

Since improvements to the mobile app, it has replaced TWS for 95% of what I need to do.

I keep getting email to try their thing to compare ETFs and you don’t have it on their website app. I don’t know about the mobile version, but I don’t know if I want to install it on my phone. I didn’t find any explanation on how you can login and I really don’t trust the biometric functionality of the phone if there isn’t at least another security measure.

You can probably disable it. But most of the time for critical things I get asked for my password anyways.

So much for that.


Back to good ol’ TWS

I finally found this tool, but only in TWS

Edit: I decided to try it once more.

  • Last time, it said the cheaper alternative for my EMXC with similar performance was… VT
  • This time, it suggested me to look for an alternative for FLJP, and the tool came up with “cannot find an alternative”

I guess it just looks at the performance correlation, but does not consider the ETF’s sector.

It worked the second time for me, but:

That looks like an app. Do you have an advisor account?
Not working for me, yet. Also says so on their web page.

No, it’s on the desktop, not on a smart phone.
I have a cash account.

But an individual one? I haven’t tried mine as they don’t have trading permissions, anyway.
Guess I’ll have to wait for the official lease and give it another try then.

Yes, individual account.