IBKR fees - How to choose?

Good evening !

I just opened and account at IBKR and I am a little bit lost with the different options when searching an asset on the platform…
For example, I would like to buy monthly this ETF (CH0237935637).

I was wondering: is the minimal fee always 5 fr ? Because I had the impression that fees could be “tiered” but I can’t seem to understand how it works…

Thank you in advance for your answers !

Thid is the same security, but traded at different exchanges. SMART is the SMART routing feature from IBKR, which gets you the lowest exevution price, more info can be found here → Dedicated to Best Price Execution | Interactive Brokers LLC

I generally use SMART routing when possible.


Thank you very much ! I simulated a random transaction and the minimal fee of CHF 5 was selected; can I use the tiered fee manually or is it impossible ?

You can switch to tiered commissions in the settings. However, trading at SIX (EBS) will still have a higher minimum than many other exchanges. As far as I can tell, the minimum is CHF 3.88 (IBKR commission + third party fees) up to a trade amount of CHF 3’000. Between 3k and 98k the total fees are CHF 1.88 + 0.065% of the trade amount.


Thanks a lot ! I will take a look in the settings tomorrow on the computer (I am not seing anything in the app).
Edit: found it !