IBKR difference between market value and net liq


Today I noticed that the market value for the VT stock I have is higher than what IBKR reports as my NetLiq (4% lower). Any idea why that would happen? Let’s say that I have 100 VT worth 8125 right now but the total reported sum in my account is 7800. Is it related to the spread?


Ask customer support?

This isn’t IB’s support site.

I know this isn’t IB’s support site, but I figured maybe someone understands the difference between market value and the actual total account funds.

I would expect them to be equal during the trading day and net liquidation figure irrelevant unless you’re trading on margin - in which case it affects how much money IB is willing to loan to you, when it will start margin calling you, etc. so then it may be worth your while to look into it

I think I figured it out. The NetLiq value is in CHF while the Market Value of the stock is in USD. The numbers seem to add up.

Thanks for your answers