IBKR deposit in EUR

I’d like to make a EUR deposit at IBKR. Unfortunately, IBKR only indicates a DE-IBAN for my deposit (not a CH-IBAN), so I fear fees will be involved with the transfer since it is an international transfer. Is that assumption correct?

No most likely not, if your bank supports SEPA payments for free. And even if they cost, the fee is usually really low - but check the terms of your bank.

If you don’t have to exchange the EUR (which is the costlier part) then the fees should be pretty low.


Thanks, very much appreciated!

For EUR it will be a SEPA transfer which is usually free, or cheap (like 2€). If your bank lets you choose who has to pay the fees, you can choose “BEN” (not “OUR”) so IBKR will pay them without affecting your balance.

For CHF transfers to a German CHF account, it would use SWIFT which does cost up to 25 CHF.

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