IBKR account opening - c/o mailing address

Hi everyone,

Just had a question that doesn’t seem to have been addressed on the forum before. Currently trying to open an IBKR account: at verification stage the paperwork is not accepted due to the fact that the mailing address in CH is at c/o (i.e. different name on the letterbox). This is at least the explanation given by the customer centre.

Has anyone experienced the same? I find it a bit puzzling as a c/o address does not constitute a problem in CH at all, I am wondering if anyone has had the same problem and if so, whether it was solved.

Thanks in advance

Most probably because like this it’s not a proof of residence. You could just claim to be living in Switzerland and open an account with Swiss conditions without being eligible to it.

What document did you use for the verification?

Maybe try with a government issued confirmation of residence (Wohnsitzbestätigung).

Why do you want to use a c/o address rather than your actual address? Or why don’t you add your own name onto the letterbox if you’re living with someone else?

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Thanks for the reply.
Sorry OP was unclear: it’s the mailing address that is a c/o (I prefer receiving the mail there). I uploaded my latest banking statement as proof of residence, which includes both my full address and the mailing one. My guess is that verification staff sees a c/o and blindly applies the rule “c/o = unacceptable” , while this is perfectly fine in CH.
Just wondering if anyone had the same problem.

Nothing unexpected or surprising at all.

Agreed as plausible.

We all know Switzerland’s history of acting as a haven for tax evasion and that authorities are rather lax - as long as you pay your taxes to the Swiss government.

Bank statements aren’t particularly reliable proofs of residence - many people have a bank account with a mailing address “somewhere” they aren’t living (anymore).

You aren’t going to receive much if any physical mail from IBKR anyways.

Has anyone ever received paper mail from them while allowing them to send emails? I haven’t received paper from them so far.

I once received an interim report for VT by mail, mentioning that a switch to e-delivery is possible. I requested a switch and now get (links to) reports by e-mail. Nowadays e-delivery may be the default: Delivery Settings for Shareholder Materials | staging

As far as I remember, I never received anything else.

Before they had the 2FA in the app, you’d receive 2FA by mail (printed token, or the card).