IBKR: 61k CHF to 66k CHF but negative return, what is wrong?

Hi all !

this must be obvious for the more experienced ones but I’ve still not figured it out!
How come does IBKR shows me negative returns (-2.96%) while I’ve put 61K CHF in the platform, to buy ETFs , and new my net asset value is 66.7K. screenshots attached.

thank you for your insights

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I think the -2.96% return is a time-weighted return and does not take into account in and outflows of money. If you had withdrawals and deposits in the period, then the overall return (money-weighted return) will be different.

If I get the chart right you had less money when the market goes down, then an incoming cash flow at the bottom, and then the market goes up again. Overall this gives a positive money-weighted return.