IB super annoying Tax forms

…they deserve to lose client for this… but in case you can’t change broker and you need to have a printed copy of the Tax income from dividends from IBKR, you can’t get a pdf from them and if you try to print the html page, you’ll get a super annoying half page or just what’s viewable on screen. The reason is that the text is inside a frame, so you have to open the console (f12) and use the command


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You can also just point and click and select This Frame > Print Frame… in firefox.

Haha, thanks. I was struggling with this. I wanted to print and in the preview I only saw half a page (using Chrome). In the end I decided to just skip it and not attach it in the DA-1.

By the way, if you’re in canton Zurich and use the web app, does it also not find VT, VTI, VXUS etc? I have to type in all the dividends by hand. And in the ICTax Kursliste it’s all there. Also in the Wertschriftenverzeichnis the lookup works. Really stupid. I think last year I even wrote to them and they still didn’t fix it.

I’m using Firefox for everything but ebanking :slight_smile:

I’m using Zurich’s software. If the web based had it, I’d probably switch. Right now I prefer the privacy of the software.
Yes you did write to them. I’ve seen your post here before starting to fill it. Very annoying.

Same here. The DA-1 title-search just doesn’t find them. I just added it by hand, copying the information from ICTax.

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Feel yourselves lucky. In Vaud the software is not interfaced with ICTax or anything and you have to put everything in manually… Unless you have a Swiss broker and pay several hundred francs for a tax-compliant report :grin:

Can’t you just print the annual report? Dividend income is listed there, as well as every sell and buy transaction.

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you still have to fill the DA-1. I had to print that page because it’s the only place you can find the value of the single dividents in chf. On the main annual pdf it’s all in usd and they don’t show the exchange rate.

The thing is: do you need to attach it at all? You should only attach dividends of not publicly traded stock, I guess? VT, VTI etc they can find in ICTAX if they dont believe you. But of course, it can be either way. Tax is such a pain in the axx

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Last year I just sent the yearly Activity statement and I did not have any issue.
I probably sent one with the taxes and one with the second letter. (I’m not sure though, I didn’t take notes about that)

Also see the “Wegleitung zum DA-1”
Die vollständig ausgefüllten Formulare DA-1, DA-2 und DA-3 senden Sie separat (nicht zusammen mit der Steuererklärung) an folgende Stelle:Kantonales Steueramt Zürich, Steueranrechnung, Bändliweg 21, Postfach, 8090 ZürichUnvollständige und unleserliche Anträge werden retourniert oder abgewiesen! Legen Sie eine Kopie des Antrages Ihrem Wertschriftenverzeichnis 2019 bei. Die Total-Werte des Formulars DA-1 sind gemäss Vordruck in der entsprechenden Zeile auf Seite 3 («Übertrag ab Formular DA-1») des Wertschriftenverzeichnisses 2019 zu übertragen

I needed the html document just to fill the values, since they need to be in chf.

This post may help.

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Ops. I didn’t send the dividend report but the normal report.
The sad part is that I did send it already last year but I forgot what I’ve enclosed.

I honestly don’t see why we should attach the dividend report. I did it last year, but didn’t do it this year. There was nothing particularly interesting there. The authorities see on the normal activity report, how many shares you had and when, and they can check in ICTax if the dividends you provided are correct. What more do they need?