IB: Selling VWRL bought on ESB on AEB not possible

I’ve bought some VWRL in CHF on ESB (SIX), and AEB in EUR using IB.

The positions are shown separately in my portfolio, and I cannot sell shares on AEB on ESB, and vice versa.

I called IB, and they told me that it’s not possible, and I’d have to sell on the same exchange I bought it on.

I feel like this is a bit weird no? Does anybody have experience if it’s the same on Degiro?


It’s the same underlying ETF but it’s not the same ticker. It will be the same with any broker, it’s not possible to sell one as the other.

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It’s because the currencies are different. You can sell the EUR one on different exchanges, but for the CHF one there is only one exchange that trades it, so you are stuck with that.

As I understand it, it’s still the same ETf - but the positions may be held in different securities depositories. Some brokers will allow to consolidate or move these positions (though might charge for that).

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