IB review of the account

Dear Customer:

Interactive Brokers is conducting a routine review of your account and we need to ask you a few brief questions. This is not a marketing call or a solicitation. Please contact XXX, Compliance Analyst, at XXX between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM CST. If this time is inconvenient for you, please send an email to XXX@interactivebrokers.com with a phone number and a time when you can be reached.

Failure to comply with this review may lead to the temporary suspension of your trading privileges.

Thank you,

Interactive Brokers Client Services

Do you know what should I expect from this kind of review?

Never had one. I would guess:
This would happens when there is info mismatch, transfer of stocks from another broker or major increase in transactions.

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Yeah, they want a bank statement to confirm that the deposit bank account belongs to me.

Indeed it’s typically a compliance related inquiry.