IB account setup

Hi everyone,

At the moment I use a Custody account with Degiro, is there an equivalent option with IB?
Would you recommend any other account type with IB, assuming my activity will mostly consist of 1 monthly purchase of an ETF ( SP500 or VT)
Can I link multiple bank accounts to IB for deposit & withdraw purpose? ( mainly I have 1 CHF and 1 Euro account with PostFinance)
Also, how does IB base currency work? Is any currency automatically converted to base?

Thanks !

The regular IB account is fine for your purposes I think

Yes, but probably does not make a difference

You can chose your base currency other than USD, but still you will trade in USD, however some balances will be shown in the base currency your choice. Any currency you send there will show up as it is arrived but you need to convert to USD in order to trade.

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