I purchased the book

Hello guys,

Sorry to bother with this, but I could not find any email/contact other than social media links (which I don’t have accounts for)

I bought a physical copy of “free by 40 in Switzerland” a few days ago . The physical copy is also supposed to include the PDF

I received no confirmation email, no tracking, I don’t know where to get the PDF from, and I could not find a contacts section to ask the guy directly

Does anyone have any info on how I can make sure the order went through? And maybe get my hands on the PDF while the book ships ?

Thanks for any help!

EDIT: by going through some threads in the forum I found there is, indeed, an email contact: contact@mustachianpost.com

Leaving this here in case someone looks for the same thing :slight_smile:

Maybe try to reach @_MP via PM.
(Sorry for those who are dyslexic :see_no_evil:)

Yes I did that and all is good now:D

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