I earned less than 120k this year and I'm a permit B holder. Can I file and get deductions?

I don’t understand if I can or not. There are things I’d like to deduct (particularly taxes paid in my previous country of residence on investments, transportation costs, meals from home at work…) but I am taxed at the source.

So am I able to file Swiss taxes anyway? I’m also wondering if I didn’t pay too much taxes since I’ve only worked 3 months in 2019 but (I suppose) got tax withheld as if I had worked the whole year.

Could anyone help me understand? It’s tough for me because my canton only speaks German… And I don’t.

I can speak for Vaud.

Here you can file a simplified complementary tax return declaration if you feel your deductions should be more important (mainly transportation, dependants and 3rd pillar).


Also remember that sometimes tax at source is better, e.g. in canton Zurich if you live in Zurich city you’d be taxed using the average of the municipal tax rate which is lower than the Zurich city tax rate.

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As @Ed_Waadt said - you can do only the reduced one. (Quellensteuer correction or something named alike)
Holds for Basel too, and probably every other canton except Geneva (where I believe the limit is 500k, not 120k).

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So what’s the difference? You can’t deduct as many things?

What happens if it turns out you overpaid? They send you a cheque?

Yes, it’s a simplified version where a) you cannot deduct as many things but b) you are not asked about other revenues (interests, dividends and what not). Also, you are taxed at the cantonal “at source” rate which, depending on where you live, might be more advantageous when compared to that of your Gemeinde.

Here in Vaud if you hold any securities or a wealth of more than 52k (our 54k, can’t remember) you are supposed to send in a full declaration instead of the simplified one, although they don’t check. I did that when I was a B permit holder and ended up having to pay extra even though I applied all deductions.

But then again this is Vaud and we love paying taxes…