Https on firefox

Hey @_MP,
i noticed that firefox wont do the https connection:
latest Firefox, Win 7

however chrome does:

i have no idea what effort this means, but this would polish the forum abit :slight_smile:
never forget the forum is amazing in the big picture!

Hey mate,

Thanks for reporting your issue.
That’s weird as on my Mac, I tried with Firefox and it’s all green…

Sadly I’ve very little to no time to check it out.
By any chance, do you have any tech background to help dive into this Windows-specific issue?


no, sorry, i dont, at least not in that direction :confused:

@nugget If you click on the lock, it should tell you why it doesn’t do a full https. Could you post a screenshot of that?

It has something to do with mixed content (page being served over https as well as http) and you might have given some permissions.

My Firefox on windows does HTTPS without issues.

Are you behind a firewall that does HTTPS man in the middle or something by any chance? Firefox has its own certificate store while chrome uses the one of the system, so if your system certificate-store has a compromised root ca (intended or not) it will cause chrome to belie it is a secure HTTPS connection while Firefox sees the dodgy.

uhhh feels already dodgy to upload such stuff^^

this is my office computer of the ETH network

i am complete noob in this topic^^

Then I am pretty sure Firefox tries to protect you from the firewall, tho it usually does not even show the page put displays a huge scary red warning page.
Could you show us what is on the more information page (click the arrow pointing to the right and then click on more info).

Does google work in Firefox and who signed its certificate (also visible over the more info page)?

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Works also fine on my side W7 with firefox

Well the “Validiert von” value seems to tell a lot.

You can not do much about this, as you are in a network you do not control on a machine you do not control, so you should only thrust it as much as you thrust the people running it (as well as their abilities).

If the green lock makes you feel better you can use chrome, however the university can still spy on you so the red lock seems like a healthy reminder.

This is what it looks like on a clean connection:

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that is quite agood answer to me!