[HOWTO] Transfer CHF to Interactive Brokers UK

This is a HOWTO showing a standard procedure to transfer Swiss Francs to Interactive Brokers UK from a Swiss bank account. Follow orange marks.

  1. Login to IB Client Portal

  2. Go to “Transfer & Pay” → “Transfer Funds”.

  3. Select “Make a Deposit”. You should see this page:

  4. Press “Get Instructions”. You should see this page:

  5. Fill required info, press “Get Wire Instructions”. You should see this page:

  6. Enter shown information into a E-Banking transfer order. Press finish.

If you see something different, you can describe your problem in the forum and we can try to help you.


Do keep in mind that most people on this forum are Swiss resident personal investors that have accounts with Interactive Brokers’ UK entity.

Interactive Brokers operates several legal entities worldwide (and more than one in Europe) that are subject to different local regulations and policy. Especially if you recently opened an account while being resident outside of Switzerland - or the UK and its associated territories - it is likely that you’re dealing with a different entity than most here.

While there are, on the whole, relatively few differences between their different regional entities or based on your country of residency, some contractual details, trading permissions and deposit options can - and will - differ.

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