How to withdraw all fund to another 3a vendor (VIAC)

Hello everyone in the Mustachian world,

After reading the trend about VIAC, I have decided to transfer all the fund in my 3a account in CIC (and also LUKB) to VIAC but I don’t know what steps I need to take?

I would appreciate your feedback on how to go about this?

With a little help from Google Translate:

“How can I transfer existing 3a assets?
After downloading our app and completing the opening process, you will be taken to your personal VIAC cockpit. There you click on the function element “Deposit”, select “Transfer” and you will see your ready-made transfer order, which you can send to a desired e-mail address. All you have to do is to print out this order, complete it with the details of the existing pension plan and the number of the retirement savings account to be cleared and send it to the Terzo Pension Fund.”

I would advise you to read through this:

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It is as simple as the explanation of ChickenFat.
The difficulty can come from your 3a account. In the general conditions there is probably a delay for closing the account which can be anything from 30 days up to six month so be careful and leave the time doing its job. Actually you can have only one account with VIAC so if you want to move several 3a accounts they will go in a single VIAC account.


Actually you can have only one account with VIAC

they say this will change in “spring 2018”

In my case VIAC was VERY helpful for the transfer. And the old bank didn’t want to let the ca$h go.


Thanks for your suggestions.

BTW, I spoke with a customer rep of VIAC yesterday and he told me that it will be possible to have up to 5 accounts by end of May + English language platform.


It’s all here now :slight_smile:

In Case you missed it :wink: