How to Tax Raiffeisen Shares

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I have a Raiffeisen share with the following statement:

Now I would like to fill out the tax. ZHprivateTax[1] gives me the following form for the revenue:

Have I filled out the form correctly? Something inside me tells me that this could be wrong, which is why I am now unsure. I selected “mit” (with) in the dropdown because I was deducted CHF 3.77. Is it correct to fill in the same amount again for “Ertrag mit VSt.” (Entry with VSt.)?

Sorry for the possibly stupid question.


[1] The tax-tool for the canton of zuerich

6% is very nice!

Everything looks correct, why do you doubt?


What Raiffeisen Bank are you refering to ? You really could think of maxing out the amount of shares you can have at 6%!

Thank you for your answers!

I think I was confused simply by the fact that I had to fill in the same amount again :sweat_smile:.

What is the point of this? Are there profits which are only partly subject to VSt?

Raiffeisenbank am Bichelsee. This year there will be another 6% if this is approved.

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In each canton there is a limitation of numbers of share you can own so you cannot go all in.

Also in The past 10 years, Raiffeisen shares had their up and downs. So 6% is not irrelevant compare to the risk.

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Well, yeah, you have one share :rofl:.

I think my confusion also comes from the fact that PrivateTax calculates some fields automatically in various other places. What is the point of this field if it could just calculate the content itself. Hence my confusion. But it doesn’t matter any more, the main thing is that it is now correct and I have understood the content :slightly_smiling_face: