How to stop a standing order on BCV mobile - Solved

Sorry for the stupid topic.
There seems to be no cancel button for a standing order (ordre permanente / Dauerauftrag) on the BCV app and google didn’t help either.
What I tried so far:

  • I changed the end date to “jusqu’à nouvel avis” = bis auf Widerruf = until revocation, but no change.
  • I tried changing the amount to 0 - not allowed.
  • I tried changing the end date to February, impossible because “end date cannot be in the past”.

How about contacting BCV? :upside_down_face:

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Ok so this is how to do it:
It’s in plain sight just not intuitive and even in their own guidelines they mix it up.

  1. Open the list with all your orders (payements → ordres permanents), do not click on the order you want to stop.
  2. Click on supprimer at the top left corner- all your orders will get a red sign
  3. Click on the red sign of the order you wish to stop.
  4. Rejoice :partying_face::wink: