How to spend Reka Checks

Hi everybody,

what is the best way to spend Reka Checks?
I got some checks, but I don’t know how to spend it in a useful way.
I would like to use it on things I would need to spend money anyway.

However, I already have a GA and don’t need fuel or anything transportation related.
I don’t go out for lunch (especially during Corona) and don’t see much use to spend it on vacation.
I also don’t have interest in zoos, museums, fitness memberships, etc. and I don’t want to spend it on things I would normally buy.

Do you have any clever suggestions?

I use it for public transport (annual A-Welle ticket).



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These are the 3 things I use them for (train, gas, lunch at a restaurant at work).
To be honest, without those I would also struggle to find ways to spend them.
Perhaps sell them at a mid-price (both you and the other person split that 20% discount - or whatever you got - in 2 or such; so win-win)?

This could be only due to my limited observation but it seems like stations accepting Reka checks have higher fuel prices. I’ve been considering if the 20% employee discount would be worth it. In general I prefer to pay by card at the automat and be on my way.

I cross the border between SZ and ZG quite often and fuel typically costs almost 10 Rp less per liter in SZ. In this light the Reka money would probably be worth it on paper but is it worth the hassle?

You can do that via REKA card, same as with any other. I believe you can “load up” the checks to the card?

Cool, I didn’t know they had modernized their offering. In that case I could keep the card in the car. I have to find their latest letter and see what the current offering is.

There was a simple discussion not long ago:

I think you can buy the GA itself with Reka, if you haven’t done already.

Exactly, just put them aside until you can buy your next GA.

Thank you all for your suggestions!
I’ve got my GA from my company, so that’s not really an option, but I’ll check out the options from the reka website. Maybe I’ll use it occasionally for restaurants or sport equipment

Ski tickets (but not this year I guess) worked for me, but I also used to struggle a bit to use them up.

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Thanks a lot, Beisat, that will actually be very useful.
Although I am not using that much either