How to save time with socks (not stocks)

Hello everybody,

I wanted to share with you a piece of advice that saves me a lot of time related to sock washing. Yes I know, it’s a bit of a ridiculous theme but it changed my relation to laundering substantially!
I was tired of having to sort my socks in pairs which took me a lot of time, put me in a bad mood and always ended up with lonely socks.
Taking advantage of a 40% discount, I bought 40 pairs of grey socks and 40 pairs of black socks. When my stock of old socks was low enough, I threw them away and replaced them with the new ones.

Now I don’t have to sort each sock and put them together in pairs: making a pile with the grey ones and a pile with the black ones is enough. Moreover, when a sock has a hole, no need to throw away the pair, just take a new sock from the stock!

Happy new year to everyone :grin:


Yes, this I’m doing since several years… use only black ones same “model” and as soon as one wears out I’ll just get rid of it

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This is a good idea and I would like to migrate as soon as mine have holes. Do you just buy any brand? What about discounts? That would mean that maybe those socks aren’t available in the future. I guess if they are all black it shouldn’t matter though…

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I’m currently trying out black “Rohner basics” sneaker socks. If I’m satisfied the next time I need socks I’ll switch to them.
They are CHF 10 for 3 pairs.

It would be cool if we also had socks that are guaranteed for life: But I guess shipping to USA is more expensive :slight_smile:

The first comparison I found online: Schwarze Herrensocken K-Tipp-Testbericht | It seems these aren’t a bad deal.

It was my only buy at black-friday… 40% on socks at Migros + cumulus discount, maybe not the best socks but they do the job (Adam & Jones). Bought approx 80 pairs and only had to throw away approx 5-6 pairs since one year so it should cover some time… the math says 13 years… xD

What do you do with socks to have to throw that many away so quickly? :sweat_smile:

Yes, I already did that. Threw away all socks and replaced them with all of the same kind. No more orphaned socks. I guess that’s a page out of Steve Jobs’ book.

Also, I never buy individual socks and I only place my order when the sock market is open. I don’t frequently replace my socks. When I buy them, it’s a long-term investment. I don’t really follow sock prices and don’t try to time the market, I buy my socks when I need them.


Lol it’s driving me nuts everytime I do the laundry. I even ended up with putting pairs of socks together that don’t even match.

I guess @Polo’s 80 pairs are an ETF, although not a very diversified one. :grin:


Haha maybe not the best socks? Ok I admit going pick up the post in socks from time to time :sweat_smile:

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There is a business in France where they sold unpaired socks and it’s working quite well, maybe a future new trend?

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I told my girlfriend about my plan and now she wants black socks too… Do you have any tips how to tell them apart? Maybe label them somehow?

The size of the socks :rofl:


Just don’t, and make a shared basked of socks^^ Or, don’t put them in the same batch of laundry. You can also agree on something “I have black socks, you have white socks”

BTW, I love this thread :rofl:


Yes, it’s the only thing preventing everything from going according to plan… grrr
As nugget suggests, talking her into the project could be an idea… mine is holding to her socks sadely, but I guess this is long terme strategy… buy and hold :rofl:

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Yes. Or black and pink. Of course, you would have the pink ones. :smirk:

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This. Couples should be able to share socks like they are sharing (T-)shirts. :rofl:

For those of us who aren’t in a couple yet, make sure to check the size of the feet of your partner matches yours before agreeing to anything, it will make things smoother.

Edit: also, thanks y’all for the laughs, this made my day. :smiley:


I only have in my drawer :smiley:

März 2013
Starter-Kit: 1 Lieferung à 10 Paar Wadensocken schwarz (Grösse: 42-44 ) CHF 110

November 2015
Starter-Kit: 1 Lieferung à 10 Paar Wadensocken schwarz (Grösse: 42-44) CHF 88
(With coupon: 20% Willkommen zurück-Rabatt )

Februar 2018
Starter-Kit: 1 Lieferung à 10 Paar Wadensocken schwarz (Grösse: 42-44) CHF 110

Still going strong :wink:


Just buy the bigger size and the one with the smaller feet will find a way to use them ! :rofl:

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