How to save time with socks (not stocks)

Hello everybody,

I wanted to share with you a piece of advice that saves me a lot of time related to sock washing. Yes I know, it’s a bit of a ridiculous theme but it changed my relation to laundering substantially!
I was tired of having to sort my socks in pairs which took me a lot of time, put me in a bad mood and always ended up with lonely socks.
Taking advantage of a 40% discount, I bought 40 pairs of grey socks and 40 pairs of black socks. When my stock of old socks was low enough, I threw them away and replaced them with the new ones.

Now I don’t have to sort each sock and put them together in pairs: making a pile with the grey ones and a pile with the black ones is enough. Moreover, when a sock has a hole, no need to throw away the pair, just take a new sock from the stock!

Happy new year to everyone :grin:

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Yes, this I’m doing since several years… use only black ones same “model” and as soon as one wears out I’ll just get rid of it

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