How to reduce fees to transfer eur to chf?

I need to transfer euro (approx. 20’000 EUR) from a banking account in Europe to my banking account in Switzerland (for a real estate purchase) and I would like to know the best solution to reduce the banking fees and get the best exchange rate? I have already Zak and Neon. I’m sorry if the question was already asked but I haven’t found it on the forum.

Thank you for your advices!

  • If you already have an account with them: use your Interactive Brokers account
  • The fast and easy way: use an FX service such as Wise or Exchangemarket
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I will also add Revolut. A quick account opening is required and I wouldn’t deposit everything at once, but it might be better. No fixed fees, so you can exchange in as many tranches as you want.

Meanwhile, I found the following information on the Neon website. So is Neon working with Wise?
I note that the fees are reduced for a transfer from CHF to foreign currency, but is this also the case in the other direction, from EUR to CHF?

see neon te propose des virements moins chers et plus rapides vers l’étranger

Revolut might be a bit risky though, since they might ask where that money came from and then just freeze your account while you deal with their kafkaesque bullshit.


Neon+Wise offers outgoing transfers from CHF to another currency. If you need EUR->CHF then you can use Wise directly.

Yes I heard these stories, but there are probably similar stories about Wise. Or not?

For Wise such conversion transfers are their main business though, so I’d expect it to go more smoothly with them.

While Revolut is more like a personal bank account or prepaid credit card…

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I made once a 100k transfer with Wise and I just had to fill a form giving some context.

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OK Thanks for your feedback. I think I will go with Wise :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification. It was not really clear if low fees were for CHF to foreign currencies or for both directions. So I will go with Wise I think. :wink:

Thanks for your feedback really appreciated! :blush:

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