How to have free access to Scribd

Hi fellows Mustachian ,

First post here, I would like to share with you my trick to get free and unlimited access to the website Scribd

If you are not familiar with it, Scribd is kind of the Netflix of books, audiobooks, newspapers, and random PDFs uploaded by users.

How to gain free access to it:

1- Create an account, you will be granted with a 30-days free access (for billing method I suggest providing a paypal account, even empty, as you won’t be charged upfront)

2- Set up a reminder to 29 days later

3- One day before the termination of the 30 days free access: Go to my account >> Scroll down to Membership plan >> End my Membership >> Proceed to cancellation >> Continue cancellation

4- It will ask you the reason >> Select: This subscription is too expensive >> Submit and continue cancellation

5- It will suggest you another 30 days free access >> accept it >> set up a new reminder one month later :slight_smile:

I personally repeat this glitch each month for 2 years now and I have never been asked to pay anything

Hope this can profit someone


Being conscientious and frugal goes together so nicely. :heart:

We, the non-conscientious, need a script to do this automatically :roll_eyes:

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Is Scrib legal? As they get PDF by crawling the web I bet not a single cent is going to the original creator. I don’t know why but this website always seems shady to me. But I might be wrong.

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