How to fill out the Wertschriftenverzeichnis and DA-1 formular?

Sooooo its march and we all need to fill out our taxes again. Im such a noob and its the first time it will get “complicated” cause of my Investments…

Basically I need help, could someone explain me how to do it I would be super thankful.

Do I need to put in all my ETF’s in the Wertschriftenverzeichnis or is it enough if I just put a Jahresbericht from Interactive Brokers and name it a Depot?

I’ve been doing that for years - but it probably depends… :clown_face:

(Keep in mind accumulated dividends are not reported in IBKR’s reports, even though they are taxable).


I just need to get into it once and then it won’t be a problem anymore…

There is a function to get all the information on IBKR, dividends are also listed there.
(Performance & Berichte > Kontoauszüge > Aktivität > select time period > HTML → Ansicht)

Could you maybe provide me an example? maybe one for Wertschriftenverzeichnis and one DA-1?

As far as I know, you have to enter all purchases/sales. Then select the appropriate category (with/without withholding tax or DA1/R-US). You then enter your gross interest / dividends there. You can find the instructions for the DA-1 on your cantonal tax website. You can also obtain the DA-1 there.

the account statement only serves as proof of the information you have provided.

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I have done both. I think different things are accepted as long as it’s done properly and with right information.

Method 1 -: in case your ETF portfolio only contains distributing ETFs, you use activity report from IBKR, put the total dividend income in one field , withholding tax in another field and in one entry you are done. I select Steuerauzug/Depot which is a selection in Zurich tax return

Method 2 -: list down each ETF as separate row and let tax software do the math

It all depends on which canton and what you actual portfolio consists of. If you have accumulating ETFs then you might need to account for those ETFs specifically or else it would end up being incorrect declaration

Things can become tricky when you also have Broker interest, Bond interest , etc …. In principle this income is not for DA-1, it’s for standard list of securities which is another section in tax return.


Thank you so much for your answers!