How to easily track price of ETF price in CHF when it's priced in USD?

I’m trying to track the CHF price of VT. Since it’s an ETF priced in USD, most platforms seem to display the price in USD as well. I’m using IB but I haven’t seen this option anywhere either.

Do people just do the conversion manually every time?

  1. Install TradingView app (using their web version is also possible). An account is needed.

  2. Open the chart of your ETF, say VT.

  3. On the price scale, there is USD symbol shown, which is the trading currency of the ETF at the respective exchange. Press this USD, there is a choice of currencies. Select CHF. You get a chart where prices are automatically recalculated to CHF.


You probably can also fetch VT price, high, low, etc. and USDCHF data in Excel or Google Sheets (or how they are called) and multiple these numbers. Should work quite well for closing prices, USDCHF closing is like 1 hour after closing of VT trading. But for intraday highs and lows it won’t work.

Personally to calculate value of my finds I manually take NAV value of a fund from the fund’s information page and multiply it by closing FX rate for NAV currency vs CHF, which is fetched automatically by Excel.