How to declare vested RSU's in tax ZH

Hi folks,

I’m filling my own taxes for last 4 years, as it was quite straightforward. Recently I got some RSU’s got vested (I haven’t sold it yet). Can someone explain bit detailed, under which section in tax form, I need to declare this additional income.

I was thinking of declaring the vested value as wealth, under it under wertschriften und guthabenverzeichnis as steuerwert… But don’t know whether it is correct.

Many thanks for your precious help here

It should be already included in your Lohnausweis (RSUs are income from your job).

You do need to declare the vested shares as wealth if you haven’t sold them.

I declared my RSUs as stocks in the Wertschriftenverzeichnis given that I couldn’t select RSUs in the online tax form. It turned out that it wasn’t necessary. The tax office actually made the correction for me. They called it “Anwartschaften” that don’t have to be declared at all. I guess this is because you could still lose the RSUs in case your employer/former employers claws them back.

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Most likely the best place is the DA-1 form so that you get the withholding tax on dividends reimbursed (if you keep them that long, I sell as soon art they vest).

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You are probably talking about unvested RSUs. Yes, they don’t need to be declared.

True. I’ve always sold them as soon as they vested, i.e. never carried them into the new calendar year/end of year position declaration.

Thank you all for your advice, I’ll declare and let the tax authorities correct me if they want me to eliminate the vested unsold shares.


Of course they won’t ask you to eliminate the VESTED shares, those are part of your wealth (and probably produce income as dividends) so must be declared.

About the UNVESTED shares instead, the tax office won’t care about them and you can save the effort to declare them IMVHO.

At the tech giant we had resources on how to fill the tax forms (go/zrh-tax). I usually even put the unvested shares as p.m. (pro memoria) with a value of 0. Every year with a new grant of RSUs there was a new line added. With the p.m. line indicating the remaining unvested shares and one line with actual vested shares at market price at 31th December.