How should I treat VIAC in my rebalancing strategy?


My allocation looks like this:

Intended Asset Allocation Swiss International
bonds/cash 28.0% 28.0%
stocks 77.0% 15.4% 61.6%

I use IB and VIAC.

Over IB I invest in VT (international) and CHSMIM (Swiss).

Four times during the year I do a rebalancing where I take the money put away over three month and allocate it to get as close to my intended allocation as possible. So far that simple approach worked out fine for me.

What is your opinion on this approach? What would you do different?
How would you calculate the Global 100 Strategy into account on this rebalancing without it getting to complicated?

I take the report from VIAC and look at the latest distributions of their fund across US, Dev-exUs-exCh, CH, EM - and put those percentages into my tracking sheet with all other investments.

Last time that was something like
US 32.00%
DEVxUSxCH 22.00%
CH 37.00%
EM 9.00%

You would then lump everything non-CH into your International I guess.

Which is? And why? More infos needed.

I keep it simple by picking the same strategy in VIAC or any robo-managed products as for my global portfolio. Then I don’t need to do anything about it.

How do you implement that in VIAC (and finpension)?
Not sure I would call a custom strategy “simple”. :slight_smile:

I rather let it with one of default strategies and then look at everything holistically and rebalance via investments outside of p3.

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