How much does a transfer of positions cost at LUKB?

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I have an account with LUKB. I have some positions on there and I’d like to switch to IB after reading alot here. I’m debating on wheter it’d be better to transfer the positions or sell and buyback. Maybe my german sucks but I just can’t seem to find the price of position transfer on here:

On page 11 there is this:

But I’m not trying to have the papers in hand :smiley: Maybe I’m misunderstanding Physisch in this context… Still 150 - 200 CHF per position is a huge price! Is that really possible?

For context selling is still 0.4% min. 40 CHF per position which is expensive but nowhere near 150 - 200 based on the amounts I have on there.

i believe it’s the 80.- (‘auslieferung / ausbuchung’).

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ah!!! thank you! so definitly cheaper to sell and buy back

thank you so much!


Since you already have all this positions at LUKB, what are your reasons to sell existing positions? Expensive custody fees?

Pretty much, yes. Also I’d like to simplify my portfolio and wanted to see if it would be cheaper by transfering first and selling on IB instead of selling on LUKB. I realize now, that I always wrote sell and buy back but not everything would be bought back.

How much is a transfer to IB? If they don’t charge anything it could be cheaper if you position is above 20k. Or is my math wrong?

Yeah afaik they don’t charge (even swiss broker’s don’t charge for incoming usually)

I assume it’s the ACATS transfer, right? I have a friend who I’ve been telling to switch to IB recently. But he didn’t want to have different kinds of brokers and didn’t want to sell any positions. If IB does not charge anything that would make if easier.

Looking at IB’s fees:

So if OP has a CHF denominated position that is worth 30’000 CHF. S/he could transfer it to IB for 80.- (to LUKB) and then sell it for 15.- (to IB - 0.05% of the trade value). So 95.- CHF for all of it. Whereas selling with LUKB it would be 120.- (0.4% of trade value).

So OP from a short calculation in Excel it seems like everything above 23’000 it would make sense financially (if it’s worth the hassle to save a couple CHF, I don’t know). I personally would be willing to for anything above 26k. But if you want to hold positions in IB then I think even the ones around 20K would make sense since you’d save on other fees.

OP please re-check my math before you decide for yourself!