How much can I profit from a gaming monitor?

Digitec has a rather substantial sale on monitors at the moment (are new lines coming out or is something changing in the market in the near future?). I’ve built a mid tier PC at the beginning of last year with a Ryzen 3600 and GTX 2060. Initially it was supposed to house my Plex server, serve as gaming and office PC (and I’ve been wanting to build a PC for a while). Over the past months it’s been solely a Plex server and a office PC (no time for gaming) and a PC that my girlfriend started to love using for office work after work (we’re both in healthcare, so no home office for us).

I do play the occasional game and the two 27’’ office monitors we had borrowed from a friend have been fine for all of it (office, occasional gaming). I especially love watching a show on one and gaming on the other monitor :slight_smile: We have to give them back and I’m pondering wheter to buy a “gaming monitor” like this one or go for a higher resolution or at the very least cheaper (it’s mustachian post after all) office monitor.

Even when I game, I don’t play competitively or online. I mostly play single player games (think AC, Mass Effect,… Horizon Zero Dawn was the last game - awesome BTW) or the occasional NBA2k. It might change but that’s how it was.

Am I really profiting from buying a gaming monitor? How much of a difference is there? I’ve never seen one in the wild so to say. Or is the 60 Hz office monitor fine for me?

For a couple years I have now an ultrawide monitor and I’m really happy with it. For work it’s like two screens next to each other. Very useful for development. When gaming it helps immersion in some games and overview in strategy games. Also watching a movie is very nice on it

I have this one for working & gaming:
AOC CU34G2/BK (34", 3440 x 1440 Pixels) - digitec

I thought about getting one ultrawide but I kinda like having two monitors so I can have two full screen applications working at the same time. I often have (had) a game on one monitor and a movie or tv show running on the other one (I’m usually not a person that gets all immersed in a game, mybe that’s why).

Would you say it’s a better experience using an ultrawide?

I have a 144Hz one and I personally don’t see much difference. There also wasn’t any “wow” effect the first time I used it.
I guess the tiny effect it has only makes sense for highly competitive shooter games, for casual singleplayer games it’s absolutely not needed.

In hindsight I would have rather bought one with better colors and viewing angles. Also if you are unsure and think 60Hz is too low, 75Hz is also pretty common without being extra expensive.

Are you sure the monitor is running at 144Hz? I had the same opinion for 2 years until I realised I had a 144Hz monitor running at 60Hz…

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Not if you “do play the occasional game”.


+1 to that. I personally got a Samsung Odyssey G9 ultrawidescreen, it allows you to connect the same computer over Display Port and HDMI and it will act like two monitors with the PiP mode

Really? So you can actually play on half the monitor and do something else on the other half?

I think the G9 is a little over my budget/needs :slight_smile:

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Correct, I personally use it for work laptop on one half and my PC on the other half

That’s interesting! Is that G9 specific or available on any ultrawide? I’ll have to check it out.

On Sale now → CHF 1’308.15

Just a note on Ultrawide monitors for office use for remote work. I can be challenging to do screen sharing because some software such as Google Meet will make text unreadable if you share the whole screen, so you end up sharing a specific application window and might have to change around which window you are sharing and popups and dropdowns are not visible to others. I have 2x 2560x1440 which is the same amount of screen real estate but doesn’t have that issue. For certain games 32:9 would be awesome, of course, I just want to mention this potential trade-off.

Edit: The G9 has a work around for that with two video signals as mentioned by MrCheese, but other monitors might not.


Well just a word of cautions, are you measuring game fps?
If you are playing all high effects and average fps of 60-70 fps than more than 60 Hz is kind of useless in games. You would be refreshing at 144 hz but the games itself would be refreshing maybe at 60 herz (or fps - both unit of measurement are interchangeable.) So animations would have the same smoothness as a 60 Hz monitor.
Only worth if you are hitting 120+ fps with your gaming rig constantly, and even then the difference is good only for pro esport gamers

Biiig issue. I hate to use Teamviewer with ppl with huge screens. :frowning:

My LG 49" ultrawide has that function aswell. It’s really nice to use

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