How long until money reaches new account?

Hey everybody!

So being fed up with the fees on my Postfinance account I wanted to change to Neon! I closed my account and told them to transfer the money to my Neon account. Well now my Postfinance account is closed and there is no money in my Neon account!?! I’ve used my Postfinance account for > 15 years, so I’m not sure how long it takes to get money transfered.

I already contacted both Postfinance and Neon, but I’m kinda worried about where the money went :frowning: Does anybody know how long it takes to get money transfered?

in my my experience, a transfer from PF → Neon usually takes one or two work days (MO-FR)

I have done same scenario in January but transfered the whole amount before they closed my PF account. In my experience a transfer to Neon took 1 day…

That would’ve been much smarter!

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I’ve done it 10 years ago when I transfered my money from PF to UBS, it tooks 2-3 business days. It is more efficient to transfert by yourself small amount and then close your account in order to avoid these extra business days…

I think that they have to do some administrative works before transfering your money, this is why it should take more time than usual.

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