How I'm saving 50% on mobile and Internet, with Salt

Hi there
Somewhere arount 5 years ago, Salt offered me her “Swiss” Abo with a discount of 50%.
In numbers, this means normaly 59 CHF, but in my case only 29 CHF. This deal would lost for 2 Years.
Perfect !!! Would save me 720 CHF (24x (59-29)).
Ofcourse I accepted this deal.
Before the those 2 years where over, Salt renewed the same deal, and again I accepted the new deal.
Currently I’m in the 3rd “2 years” cycle and I’m pretty sure It will stay that way “forever”.

In addition to this super-cheep-deal, there is another Nugget which you can get from Salt.
If you have an active membership (like a mobile contract), then you can order a 2nd SIM-Card “Data-Transfer-Only”, for additional 10 CHF, Flatrate Internet.

I dropped Cablecom (-75 CHF p.m.), locked the TV connecter (-35 CHF p.m.) and ordered the 2nd DataSimCard from Salt (+ 10 CHF)
This way I save 100 CHF p.m. (=75+35-10).

Overall with this whole Salt-deal, I pay 39 CHF p.m. for Mobile and Internet at home.
This is a phantasic price.

Every Once and a while, Salt is publishing such offers. I also saw "my"Deal at minimum two times again.
Sometime they also offer “only” a reduction of 20 CHF p.m., like rigth now.

I want to encourage you, to check there website every once en a while, just to catch such a good Deal.

Please have a look into my numbers. I attached the current month bill.



Current Deal from Salt

Is this saving from Billag? Is the idea that since you no longer have home internet + no TV, you can get an exemption?

I thought that mobile internet would still count.

I get those promo emails and when I click the link the advertised deal is never available when I try to change the subscription.

Cynical post scriptum: since you are new here and your only posts are about Salt, maybe you can tell the marketing department that their campaigns suck. If this was an honest contribution, please ignore the above.

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Using the UPC offer - was once timeliy limited but looks like this is their standard offer now.
Have those for my older kids - CHF 29.- (unlimited calls/sms and unlimited data)

No billag is something else. Billag or Serafe how it (the company) is called currently, you have always to pay. There is no way around it (that’s another story).
Every house or Flat has a TV connector, for which you have to pay for the connection, the hardware. If you live in a flat, then its part of your rent. Just check your contract, there it will be listed as en extra position.
Since I don’t watch TV over Internet and not anymore via this TV connector (coaxial-cabel), I just told the landlord i dont want it anymore and he just quit everthing and reduced the amount of the rent minus this droped TV-Connector.
Just check your contract and you will find this extra position listed .

I dont work for salt, just tried do share my experience with you guys and offer another way to save money. You dont have to believe me, nor buy anything.


With the Salt offer you alse get 200mb Internet and 60min talk in Europe.
But the big advantage in the whole Salt offer was that I can get the the 2nd Sim card for (only) Datatransfer at a price of 10 CHF p.m.
It’s the combo which make it a super deal :wink:

I have the same deal like you. 29+10. And I also got salt fiber, just because internet is important to me and the 4g internet is not always so reliable. But I keep the 4g for now. Too good of a deal to cancel :wink:

If you are eligible as a SME, check out their current Europe 1GB business plan promotional offer.

Basically unlimited in Europe/US/CA (do check the fine print for their country lists though), with data roaming limited to 1GB, for 24.95/month.

They somehow do seem to check your business details, declining to sign up the (unregistered) self-employed.

Wow that’s a great deal. Thanks for sharing. I will check out if I can switch. I’m in Italy now and just paid 20 CHF for 1 GB, because I only have 200 MB of roaming.

As addition, have a look into the contract for the flat I am renting.
There you’ll see the position which i mentioned in my early post.

have a look here : How I'm saving 50% on mobile and Internet, with Salt

Good job!

I’m always a bit skeptical about the savings by using a 4g for internet at home, mostly for contract reasons. If you start using 50-100Gb per month they might be upset.

The things you show on your apartment contract should have been changed anyway. UPC now bills people directly so I suppose either your landlord didn’t tell anyone (bad) or they didn’t change the contract eith upc yet.

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I was using this much every month and nobody got upset.

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I’m also “normaly” using more then that, especialy when my son plays videogames or we all waching Netflix or so, then we are somewhere around 600-700 GB…and it just works.

I also didn’t see it in my contract. But thanks for checking @ahau78.

I’m at the end of my first 2y contract with salt where I enjoyed 50% off the Europe plan:

In Switzerland
Unlimited highspeed Internet (4G+ & 5G)
Unlimited calls, SMS/MMS

In the EU, USA & Canada (Zone A & B)
Unlimited internet

Unlimited calls & SMS/MMS to Switzerland and within the visited country.

I happy with it and now they offer me the possibility to renew for more 2 years the same deal. The mobile market has been very active and the competition is high specially with low cost alternatives (Lidl connect, Das Abo / La poste…) and without contract which allows to switch easily.

Does anyone has even better solutions for the same or identical plan?


just for clarification here if you cancel it, do you still have the fiber connection?

You didn’t mention the price that stands at those 50%.
If you don’t need more than 3gb internet in roaming, check Yallo deals.
I am paying 27 for yallo fat plus.

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