How do you understand a IB Activity Report?

Why is everything SOOOO difficult with IB

All I wanted was a cash statement, portfolio and trades!

IB has to add in a thousand variables you need a degree in statistics to understand!

Anyone help as to understanding the mess of this report? Or is there another report that gives the information?

…and, probably foremost, cheap fees and low costs is what you wanted. :smiling_imp: Or why else would you be a customer at them?

Your question is probably rhetorical, but as a broker that carries primarily to an experienced and/or professional clientele, they’re just not very friendly or suitable to beginners or laymen - or the ones that would like to have everything laid out clear and simple without unnecessary bells and whistles.

Considering that you can create your own customized statement, there is a good chance. :smirk:
Have you tried creating one?

The functionality is available under Reports -> Statements -> Custom Statements -> Configure -> Create. Just from a quick glance, maybe you would want to select “Cash Report”, “Open Positions” and “Trades”?


Tried but couldnt find anything worthwhile

Resorted to trying to make head nor tail of Activity Report today

Gave up on fully understanding, numbers were about right, even if couldnt fully reconcile

Well at the beginning it is very hard but with the time you happy that you choose IB as your Broker. Also because of the low fees! :slight_smile:

Does also anyone know how i can see on the Mobile App the percentage ot the total amount that my portfolio is performing? I just have the total Money under “Unrealis” but not the performance on %%%.

You have to go to your profile -> account management -> Portfolio Analyst


Didn’t know this Option it is geat! Is it also possible to displayed on the Homescreen of the App ? Did found this option.

Thank you! :slight_smile: