How do you do purchases and withdraw money when on Holidays abroad?

Hi Everyone

So lets say you are on holiday abroad and to keep it simple the currency of the holiday country is EUR.
How do you do purchases on shops or lets say pay in restaurants and hotels with cards?
How do you withdraw money from ATMs ?

The idea is to have minimum fees maximum convenience.
Currently i have a normal CS account just opened a CSX(the free one) , waiting for my cards from swisscard (the cashback ones AMEX,Mastercard) and i was about to open revolut and/or Tranferwise

Thanks for any ideas thoughts on the topic

Revolut worked a charm, now they’re changing their fees so I’m not sure it’s still the case:

I have an account & Visa Pay (debit card) & Credit Card in Euros, from DKB (German Internet Bank). It’s free, and no card transaction fees in EUR-countries.
I exchange/transfer Euros from my CHF’s at a Swiss bank via Transferwise.

I have a Euro Privatkonto at Migrosbank & withdraw my Euros cash at a Migrosbank ATM. I exchange/transfer Euros from my CHF’s at a Swiss bank via Transferwise.

I try to pay everything with Revolut with pre-exchanged money (e.g. a few k USD when going to US). When possible I avoid cash otherwise I withdraw from ATM with the Revolut card too.

Depends on which country but if possible I avoid cash completely so revolut / neon.

I pay abroad with revolut and withdraw with my postfinance card (no fees, but no interbank exchange rate).

I use a US cash back credit card wherever cards are accepted and use an N26 account for “petty cash”

I pay everything with my neon card and avoid cash as much as possible. I think that 99% of time you don’t need cash to pay for something, especially with the pandemic situation :slight_smile:

With your CSX account you have the MasterCard FX for abroad’ purchases (like neon).

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Hi All many thanks for all your responses!
It gave me a great insight.

Also i tried to figure out the costs incurred of my transactions this summer in Euro and its horrifying.
500 euro plus, i was completely oblivious to it.

Which one could say its ok it happened once now you learned… nope this is the 13th summer in a row that i didnt know about it…

I will update this with my final approach that fits better my style my needs my convenience and my limitations (dont want to have a non-english service)

Thanks again

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