How do you calculate your return in CHF over time?

I wonder how you calculate your returns in CHF for your own recurring investments in other currencies considering currency fluctuations.

What is a practical way to calculate returns that involve regular conversions from CHF to the currency the product is bought in? Do you have a tool for that or a spreadsheet formula?

Foreign brokers and RoboAdvisors tend to show total performance in their home currency or in the product’s currency. At least DeGiro CH does it per investment.

BTW, I know this must have been asked before, but I haven’t found anything concrete on the matter. I’ve checked this:

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I use Portfolio Performance to measure the performance of my investments and the total portfolio.

Fantastic tool imo and free to use. It also supports importing transactions from many brokers/banks, e.g. VIAC.


You know, I’ve actually used this tool a long while ago but completely forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder.

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So I’ve used Portfolio Performance.
It’s quite a lot of work, like entering dividends.

I was trying to use it to compare a fund I’ve invested in to investing in VT, for which I have no data.

There is no automated way I know of to import dividend payments for a stock that don’t appear on a broker’s statement.

Any idea how to do this efficiently with a software?

Why not usr an index for comparison? E.g. MSCI World would be a good index to use as a benchmark for VT.

Well, you can, but I don’t see what is to benchmark here. Both are based on different passive indices, they will have different performance because they have different underlyings. But you can’t say that one is better than another, because their development is what it is.

VT is basically MSCI ACWI IMI, so you can use that index to benchmark instead of VT.


My primary interest lies in comparing returns in CHF for VT and other investments. I’d also like to do some backtesting.

Hence my question and the follow-ups.

Result 1
Portfolio Performance does exactly that: It measures the performance of one’s portfolio.

Result 2
PP is a pain for hypothetical scenarios, as all distributing investments require to enter the distributions manually.

My actual question is:
Is there a solution that will allow me to measure returns in CHF for various investments, actual or hypothetical?

I haven’t usef it, but some other members here use it → you can test it for free for 7 days to see if it fullfills your needs.