How do you calculate your profit?

As there is no “unrealized profit” indicator on Binance as there is on IB, I am calculating my profit on spreadsheet. I use the cost basis method and I manually input the information of every trade. It looks like this :

Bought ¦ Price ¦ Spent EUR


Sold ¦ Price ¦ Received EUR

On this basis, I then calculate the average buy price and sold price to find out my profit + unrealized profit.

It doesn’t seem optimal to me. I was wondering how do you do it ? Do you have some tools that let you calculate automatically your realized/unrealized profit according to the current price ?

Personally, I gave up, it was too hard to track properly as my trade volume was growing. I just check my total monthly balance and how it compares to the previous month/year.

I was recently checking, but I haven’t created an account. It might do what you are looking for.

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I use however it has a 1000 transaction limit for the free accounts…

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