How do I read's charts

I know it might sound dumb, but I wonder why if I check on yahoo this page: (VT)

Under Performance I get YTD: -0.12%
If I check the charts and set YTD and Y axis = percentage, I get a positive value 1.1%

What I am not getting right?

Is my question too dumb?

Several hypothesis :

  • are the performances computed at the same time by Yahoo? (i.e close price vs last price)
  • are dividends taken into account in one but not the other?

and finally, what is your calculation of the performance, i.e which Yahoo number would you give more credit to?

The negative one has been fix for a while, so it’s weird imho.
YTD should mean “today” (or yesterday evening ), so I suppose should be very similar if not the same in both cases.

My calculation is none of the above. I just check them for fun and don’t use them for my decisions at all.

Well if i compare Open price at beginning of the year = 74.55 and close price last friday = 75.45, I get a 1.2% YTD performance, without dividends.