How can a 16-year old legally invest in Switzerland

A friend of mine lived in Switzerland and is 16 years old.

What investing options are open to him, at which age can he legally hold crypto, stocks, bonds, property, metals etc ?

What are the common methods to work around this ?


He can’t do any transactions on his own (art. 17 and 19 CC/ZGB), but nothing prevents him legally to own things. Buying property would be possible if his parents sign the contract, but he would need his parents to sign any contract related to it. His parents can probably open an investing account for him at a bank, but they would be the only one with control on the account

What are the legal age limits for investors in Switzerland ?

18 years old for any contract of any sort. Hopefully, there is art. 19 al. 2 CC to allow them to buy some bread or toothpaste