How bad is it to avoid IBKR?

Happy to be schooled but not berated regarding my question.

I am doing my investing with UBS, 0.35% fee custody account. Have about 70k split evenly between IE00B6R52259 and IE00B5BMR087, both in CHF. The bank takes 1.3% per transaction. That’s 910 CHF spent so far to just buy these shares. Not insignificant but not a problem to me.

It’s something I agreed with myself to live with, it gives me peace of mind which I wouldn’t have if I had that amount in IBKR or any neobank. I have seen quite a bit of animosity towards traditional banks as brokers here but other than their fees and perhaps phone apps (which doesn’t bother me) I am not clear what else is there to look out for?

Besides the fees and US tilt is there something wrong with how I’ve allocated my money? And if so are we talking about efficiency gains or catastrophic problems?

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