How are you guys handling the recent downs?

Whatever happens, the big winners are the brokers, with those huge swings! :rofl:

No, the hedge funds. Trading is dirt cheap

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Final picture of the volatile 2018, from the DJIA perspective.
Have we reached a “permanently high plateau”, or as Mr Trump nicely says, are the markets “taking a little pause” ?

In general, Mr. Trump is never wrong. Lol

Want more ?

John Maynard Keynes in 1927:

We will not have any more crashes in our time.

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For anyone interested, here’s a recent article that talks about the signals of an global economic slowdown:

(in German)

I didn’t see much of it this last Friday. :slight_smile:
Interesting points nevertheless.

Perhaps we should open another topic: “How are you guys handling the recent ups?” :wink:


I am still in red :(.

How are you guys handling the recent ups ?

aaaaand … down again :wink:

I think people will have to get used to volatile markets for the foreseeable future

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Hodl ! . . . :wink: . . . .

Have they not always been such? :smiley:

Just a good training to refrain from checking in daily/weekly, and keep on keeping on buying (and holding). :slight_smile:

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I just think the last few years have been too calm on a historical basis :wink:

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I’m terribly sour about not following my own advice regarding Christmas shopping…

I am terribly sour not buying IBM yesterday :wink:

It’s no coincidence, the Fed was at work with its monetary opioids.
Spot the “short volatility position” in Jay Powell’s own words here.