House/apartment that you buy and need to hold for 10 years?

Hi everyone,

I read it in the forum somewhere that there is some special type of apartments/houses (from what I understood, at a lower than market price) that you can buy but you can’t sell for 10 years.

What’s that called?

Is it available in every canton/city or just in particular cities?


Good evening, I do believe you’re talking about the apartment sold in ‘‘Zone de Développement’’ sorry I don’t know if there is an English name for those. The price is fixed by the Canton for example in Geneva and usually lower than the market price. You can sell it afterward, but I do believe during a 10 years period you can only sell it to the paid price plus the notary fees and extra options you have paid for during construction. Also you can’t rent it during the 10 years period. Most of them are pretty hard to get as there is a lot of people who wants to buy them and usually you need to be very quick as putting your name on the waiting list…or if you know someone well placed in the industry. Believe me there is a lot of bride to get one!


I understood that was specific to canton Geneva.

As Caribou alludes, everyone has an interest in buying a flat with market value 1M CHF or more for 600k. It is a crazy scheme and source of intransparency and corruption from what I have seen.


You will increase your chance if you know someone that will promote them and get the info before it will get published.
Some of my friend got one by having a day off to be sure to submit all papers asap.

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Ah, it’s only for canton Geneva?

Thank you for the clarification all (@Barto @Caribou @FunnyDjo).

I have family that both work in and own construction companies so I wanted to know what is the name and rules before asking them about it.

I will report back.
Thank you!

As it has been said by fellow mustachians it’s nearly impossible to get one.

Besides only 50% of the appartment offer that will be built are actually put on the market.

The other half is usually booked before by the constructor (buying for his children, friends… etc) and by the financing bankers (I personally know someone who got his very underpriced flat in Carouge because his employer, a very famous Geneva’s private bank was lending money for the project).

There are some scandals here in Geneva’s canton which made headlines: Genève: Lutte contre la spéculation des PPE - 20 minutes

Edit : The authorities call this type of property ZD PPE (in french) and are listed here Opérations immobilières ZD PPE |


This is insane sh*t on par with the level of eastern European corruption. Socialism is coming back from the west.