Home contents & personal liability insurance

hi all - any recommendations on optimising home contents insurance? Have used comparis and smile.direct is coming out top at around 348chf. Sound about right?I guess it would be worth to get quotes for each (contents & liability) insurance separately, which i try next… .38

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ok made some tweaks and down to 176 ex liability, which separately was coming up as 75.


I am with mobiliare. I don’t remember exactly how much it costs, around 350 to cover the whole family. But mobiliare is a cooperative, so I always receive back 20-50 chf if they make a profit, which they usually do. so I guess it is difficut to really compare prices.

Is this insurance mandatory?

Persona liability is, I am not sure about the Home-content one.

According to my rep (from Mobiliar) the bundle was cheaper in my case.
Funny how 10k Home-content and personal liability is cheaper than just the persona liability one, but mine is cheap as hell anyway because I live with my parents and do not own a car.

Depends on canton, mandatory only in some. But even if optional it’s not such a bad idea to get at least liability insurance, it’s cheap enough for what it’s worth.

I’d not recommend “driving third party vehicles” options - read the exclusions terms, it’s not as useful as it sounds. Rentals are typically excluded for example, only friends and family, and not more then a few times a year or so. Liability to third parties is insured in any case mandatorily by the holder of the vehicle. You’re buying just a supplement to cover e.g. his bonus loss or scratches to the vehicle itself

Household insurance IMHO not really necessary unless you have some expensive stuff or live on break in prone ground floor. Even then claiming insurance will be a nightmare. Do you have receipts for all your expensive household items? Backed up online for in case of fire? No receipt no compensation.

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Which company would you recommend?

That’s not my experience with mobiliare. I could claim money easily per phone with no receipt. They were small amount thought like 500 chf

I have smile direct combo Hafpflicht + Hausrat, 250 CHF.

100’000 CHF home contents insurance? What the hell is in your home? :smile: The value of my personal stuff in my flat is under 10’000 CHF, most valuable thing being the laptop. Btw, are the kitchen appliances and washing machine, things that belong to the landlord, included in this? Or are they already insured by another insurance?

Insurance normally asks for the new value of everything you own in the household, not current value. If you underestimate and they decided to dive into your case upon a claim, they can cut down compensation proportionally to your underestimation of the total

If they are not yours and you damage them, your liability insurance should cover them. If they were damaged in a break-in but there was no obvious fault of your own (like leaving the door unlocked), normally you’re not even liable

It’s just goodwill or they didn’t want to waste any time due to the small sum. If they wanted, they could give you a fight for the money and then you better have receipts. The legal burden of proof that you had the item and how much it costed is upon you.

Also be careful with making many small claims - insurer has a right to kick you out after any claim once they deem that you don’t exactly match their statistical ideal client profile. It’s a for-profit business, on average they expect to make money on you. Even non-profit genossenshaft type of insurers have to generate enough profit to shower their execs with money and afford all those posh offices.


Will they reimburse the store price? And how do you prove what was in the flat? I didn’t take any photos and don’t have any receipts on the stuff I bought (or got for free) on OLX. Still, even if I calculate the initial price of all furniture, electronics and clothes in my flat, it’s not more than 20’000 (excluding kitchen and bathroom, which I don’t own).

this is the whole point of the house insurance: if you lose (almost) everything due to a fire or such, you should be able to buy back these things, at shop prices.

i also wondered how they assess this in case of a fire. But i expect they have their ways to get good approximations

They do and it really works.

I’ve had several claims with my household insurance throughout my years in Switzerland and they have all been resolved to my full satisfaction, no questions asked.

  1. My son accidentally damaged a tv at friends house. Liability insurance took care of repair within days.
  2. Full suspension MTB stolen, lock cut. Insurance asked for model name and current equivalent which I provided. They checked the price themselves and I had money on my account within 3 days of claim. They reimbursed the full retail value, even though the bike was 9 years old.
  3. Flooding of a basement. I made a list of items damaged together with their values and some general photos. Approved and paid out within days, no questions asked.
  4. Wife lost a watch at the playground. Claimed and got money back.

As for now, I got my money’s worth and can wholeheartedly recommend the insurer with a name starting with M. I do pay significantly more than I would at Smile Direct though.

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I also already had two stolen Mountainbikes replaced at full price (Allianz Suisse).

If you can really bear the risk yourself, and you don’t have any insights that you have a higher risk of things getting stolen or lost than the average Joe - I suggest only going for personal liability and not Home Content. The idea here is that the insurance company makes money of you by their calculations in the long run, and those calculations are basically their core business.

Personal liability is a different story, more like the mandatory part of car insurance - you probably don’t have the money spare that the person you harm in an non-car accident will earn until his retirement. :wink: