Hiking resources

Dear all,

Please share your resources for planning hiking tours that include an SAC (T1-6) rating!
Bonus points if they include a search function.
Any language is welcome.

Thank you in advance!

If we get an abundance of resources, I will keep a list in this post :slight_smile:

Tours with SAC rating

No SAC grading:
Long distance: Ultraleicht Trekking Forum

SAC Tourenportal

Creating tours on a map:
Fatmap for skitours.

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Hikr.org 01234567890

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hikr.org is for sure the best free resource for small tours (1-3 days) if it is about getting ideas and descriptions.
Otherwise you have the SAC/DAV for mountaineering in the alps (not free anymore though).

Maps : I used osm in basemap with my gpsmap 62, now I switched over to the swisstopo map on the phone in Switzerland, but still using basemap/osm to create .gpx files for swisstopo if needed. There might be better tools now - just got used to it. Didn’t do any stuff outside of Switzerland since I ditched my gpsmap - just had outdoor active as a back up on my phone.
Schweizmobil is not the best for mountaineering tours, but for mountain hiking tours or long distance trails, it is pretty cool (especially the hotel POI list for long distance tours).

Otherwise I am on the ultralight trekking forum in Germany to get gear ideas - especially for European stuff. Ultraleicht Trekking Forum, and it already helped me to get some nice weekender tour in Switzerland, but of course it is more about long distance.

Personnally I am more into ultralight trekking (I am not equipped and not able to do anything above T4 - and some T4 stuff is already pretty borderline for me).


The SAC Tourenportal

Schweizmobil is nice, but sticks to the official way map, which does not have an T1-6 ranking, and most T5/T6 tours are not official ways

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You got all the ways inside (it uses the Swisstopo base), but it is thought for T1-T3 (marked in yellow for T1-T2/red for T3 in their layer). It has even some T4+ stuff (in blue in their layer), and you can plan your own stuff with .gpx export (also on desktop) if you have a paid subscription. Of course the main aim for schweizmobil “free” is T1-T3 tours which are readily available (the numbered ways), but the paid subscription is pretty powerful (and pretty cheap - 35 CHF/y). Especially you can switch between toggled routing and wayless inside the same route (you must create different tracks for each section), which most application can’t do in my knowledge.

My problem with the swisstopo app is that the web tool is not nice for planning and exporting .gpx files, and the phone app is too fiddly for planning for me (did not tried it on desktop/tablet though - should do it though).

Here I would like to add what amazing tool we got here for free (paid via taxes of course) with swisstopo and schweizmobil, which even informs you about closed ways etc.


Besides the already mentioned resources, I also like Komoot. Great to find routes near you (including photos) and you can filter by difficulty (although they use a different scale) and lenght.

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Also graphhopper for point to point routes, example: GraphHopper Maps | Route Planner

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Thank you for your replies!
I’ve added a list to the opening post.

Still looking for more tour proposals with SAC grading.

For creating/copying tours, for me swisstopo works great as an app on the phone - @Patirou maybe try reinstalling?

I use fatmap besides some of the ones already mentioned. It adds a great value on planning ski tours.


Romandie and Haute Savoie

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