High interest savings account in Switzerland

Is anyone aware on any online bank in Switzerland that offers high interest saving accounts (or time limit offers for them, like first year 3% :slight_smile: )? I want to place some cushion money (for unexpected things), outside of my investment portfolio and to not only get 0.0xx% per year. In ZKB I have 1% but only for 5000 CHF…maybe there are better offers around from smaller banks, but still insured.

That seems very unlikely given the risk free rate is -0.75%, so getting 0.X% (e.g. CA savings account) is actually almost like getting 1%.

(and the bank likely loses a bunch of money, I don’t think it’s sustainable for them)

relevant video

Even on the bond market everything what you get with 3% or more yield to maturity is junk bonds. You may get unexpected things with it and not find the money when you have something unexpected to pay. :slight_smile:

Most probably end of this month CA-Next will offer again 1% on 6 month deposits (new money transferred into the bank)

But maybe Raiffeisen Societaire deposit (Member Plus), limits depend on the local branch (in GE, there is 10k CHF limit only), but it’s about 2-2.5% / year.

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check here https://www.ktipp.ch/service/zinsen/
and www.moneyland.ch

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