Hide 2nd pillar from last employer in VIAC?

The yield in pension funds is a joke, most of them will give you 1%/year. And you have to withdraw everything in 1 year and can’t split it up like the 3rd pillar.

Did anyone try to hide it? After changing jobs moving the 2nd pillar money to a Freizügigkeitskonto? If so, was the new pension fund insisting on the money?

I’ll probably change my job in May 2020. By then VIAC will offer the FZK solution. I think I’m going to try it and play stupid when the new pension fund is asking for my 2nd pillar money.

It certainly happens. There are many vested benefits accounts which have accumulated multiple incoming payments from pension funds over years. Mostly due to lack of knowledge how the system works, though, than for optimization of tax and/or investment.

While there is an obligation to transfer to the new benefits scheme, enforcement, if any, is low.

What’s the benefit of leaving part of the money in a Freizügigkeitskonto?

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You can invest it and have a much higher yield.

Depending on your new job and the new employers 2nd pillar you might not even have to hide it, but can (at least partly) leave your money with VIAC completely legal.
In case you have more money in your 2nd pillar than you are allowed to bring to the new employer, then you have to park the rest on a Freizügigkeitskonto.

higher expected yield.

You can invest it (differently) and could have a much higher yield.
Though that is just speculation, really.

Mandatory occupational benefits in a pension fund are (in general) subject to a minimum „guaranteed“ rate of interest - which is much higher than interest rates on any vested benefits account.

I just checked my latest pension fund statement. Everything what’s related to insurances is just linked to the insured salary. So it really doesn’t matter how much is inside of it, it could be 5k or 300k.

So I’ll transfer it to VIAC as soon as I switch my job. This will make a huge difference longterm

Maybe I’ll split it up. 1/3 to new employer and 2/3 to VIAC. So nobody asks questions.

How are u going to do that? Afaik one’s previous PK will only transfer to one place.

Sorry, u are right @Cortana
"SR **[220]
Art 12

1 Die Austrittsleistung darf von der bisherigen Vorsorgeeinrichtung höchstens an zwei Freizügigkeitseinrichtungen übertragen werden.

2 Die Versicherten können jederzeit die Freizügigkeitseinrichtung oder die Form der Erhaltung des Vorsorgeschutzes wechseln."

I’m not sure how free you are on deciding how to split. Any source on that?

I don’t know. I will find out in a couple of months and let you know :smiley:

But I’ll keep it in cash in VIAC till I’m sure the new pension fund isn’r requesting for additional funds.

What about this idea: I transfer almost everything to VIAC and tell them that I withdrawed it for buying property? Will they investigate or request documents for confirmation?

If you buy property with 2. pillar money, it will still be part of the 2. pillar and you have to return it once you sell the property. Pretty sure that you have to proof that you’ll use it to buy property.

I’m not talking about actually withdrawing. Just tell the new pension fund that I did it with the previous pension fund. So that they don’t ask for it.

They might request documentation from the previous pension fund, cause this data is supposed to be transmitted from old to new pension fund. In addition, it would constitute outright lying . as opposed to mere negligence.

Just split between to vested benefits accounts. You could then transfer one of them to the new pension fund again.

The whole thing has so far been loosely enforced anyway.

from experience i can tell it is no problem when you quit a job to tell the former pension fund to
“please transfer xx% to my Freizügigkeitskonto A and (100-xx)% to my Freizügigkeitskonto B”

no questions whatsoever were asked. everything went super smooth. took some weeks of time, though.


You probably wouldn’t even have to split.

Some companies or their pension funds will actively request benefits from another institutions or take the effort to bother the insured person. Most shouldn’t be bothering you much if any about it, if you just stay mum.

Side note: I think of all the possible “lies” about where your benefits went, this is actually the most probable to make them investigate or request documents.

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