Help with the tax correction for previous years needed


I have been doing my taxes myself for the past few years and the more I learned the more I realised that I might have done some mistakes in the past.

I assume that the best idea is to do some kind of tax correction and send it to the tax office. Am I right?

  • Do you have any experience with such process?
  • Can you recommend me someone (e.g. accountant) who could help me with that? Preferably someone who is familiar with the FIRE aspect of taxes (stocks, dividends, passive income, …) and with Zug taxation.


Unless we’re talking about enormous amounts, did you consider simply reaching out to the tax office? My understanding is that they’re pretty friendly.

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What kind of mistakes?

My (honest) mistakes in the past were either corrected directly by the tax office, or just slipped through. Water under the bridge. In one case I (succesfully) challenged their correction.

If in doubt I also recommend to contact the office and ask how to proceed. If it’s about more than some mistakes, self-reporting could protect you from charges.

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  1. if you’re trying to get taxes back, forget about it
  2. if big omissions e.g. forgot to declare a property or trading account, then you can send a corrected return/letter to the tax authorities to fix
  3. something else: depends, what are the mistakes?
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