Help understanding IB Mark-to-Market Performance Summary (CHF)

Someone can explain me please what this - 1517.63 CHF come from? Is that the devaluation from the USD to the CHF? That means that i had a profit from my VT 3.513.22 CHF but with the depreciation from USD i lost half of my gains, is that correct?

Thank you

I agree that looks weird. Did you transfer the position in or buy it in IB? If you want to share the « trades » view from the activity statement it might help

It’s the FX trades, you can ignore it if you’re not planning to do FX bets. (There’s a way to clear them out, but might require the desktop app).

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Actually I wonder if the Forex section of the “M2M perfromance summary” includes the FX translation of stock positions like Scorpion suggested. Otherwise the reconciliation of change in NAV in the “Net Asset Value” section of my activity statement would not make sense.

Below excerpt from help icon next to the M2M performance summary. A large value of Scorpion’s trades happened when USDCHF was a couple of % higher vs today so 1517 FX loss seems reasonable on 100k CHF assets.

Prob worth to contact IB to be sure

“Mark-to-Market Profit and Loss
Position: MTM profit and loss for each position. For Forex positions, this includes the FX Translation on cash balances and positions.”

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I have asked to IB and the answer was:

Yes, this is reflecting the PL from the USD depreciating vs. the CHF (your base currency).

MTM PL for FX = sum of all values in that currency (cash + stocks + bonds, etc.) * change in FX rate
This is computed each day, then summed for multi-period statements.

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