Help! official way to have gun license as a foreigner

Hello Guys my name is Miguel I’m Portuguese and I live in Switzerland for 4 years, I’ve been goin to the shooting range a lot, Dec 2021 I got my WES and at the time I had sent everything to the police and they asked for an authorization from my country saying that I can have guns (which in Portugal doesn’t exist) so I said to the police that in Portugal we need á strafregister special for weapons and ammunition, which the police understood and gave me the papers to buy the gun.
So a month ago I’ve sent everything again for the Waffen Sammler, which the police asked again for the same and I explained the same thing again but this time the police officer said it wasn’t possible without that paper, so I emailed the Portuguese police about the required paper, which they replied ( we don’t do that type of document, the Swiss police need is the special Portuguese strafregister for weapons and ammunition ) so I forwarded that email to the Swiss police, which they told me it’s still not possible to give me the gun permit…
Does any one from other countries had this problem, if so how did I solve it.

Ps: if I get a Portuguese gun license and give it to the Swiss police will it go through?

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Welcome here,
As you probably noticed, this forum is more about personnal finance then gun.
I’m not sure you will find the answer you’re looking for here…


Try asking on here: Swiss Forum at least one of the posters on there shoots regularly so might know.


Aren’t they referring to the criminal record (cadastro criminal)?